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The Lorax, Visual Development/ Concept art!

Craig Elliott

Illumination Entertainment and Universal have been kind enough to let me post some images of the concept art that I did for "The Lorax"  which has opened this weekend! 

The Lorax concept art- Village

Here is a first shot concept of the city- this was back at a time when the city was not totally artificial and some real foliage was part of the town.  Through all the changes my colors and mood remained, and can easily be seen in the look of the final town. 









Here are a sketch and final concept painting for the Lurkim, the Onceler's "House"  or what is left of it. The parts that are crumbling were meant to be remnants of the old factory that originally was attached to the living quarters. 
The Lorax- Lurkim painting by Craig ElliottHere is a second, alternate design of the Lurkim I came up with that shows more of the crumbled factory than the original book did.  I tend to like this design the most, but the first painting was more how it looks in the final film. I was really trying to infuse the Seussian style in everything I painted, every cloud and blade of grass had the feel of his style.  

More to come..!