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Drawing from the visual worlds of science and nature, the human figure, the grand tradition of American illustration, Japanese scroll paintings and woodblock prints, fantasy illustration, and great artists of Europe, Elliott’s work strikes the viewer at first with a powerful tableau and draws them in to experience the subtlety and beauty within. Beyond the pictorial impact of his work, themes personal to him such as body image, environmental preservation, and social and psychological repression weave themselves throughout his work.

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Craig Elliott

A tabernacle frame inspired by James Gurney's recent post about the one he had made for his painting. I built this one with a real cypress knee from the swamps of Arkansas, carefully cut to replace the columns in many frames of this type. The painting is set in a swamp, so I figured it would work, and it seems to quite well! 


New Art Training video and DVD

Craig Elliott

New, Longer Gumroad video/ DVD released!

A long 140 minute version of the Red Scotsman painting is out on Gumroad today- the package includes a 2 hour 21 minute video file, Photoshop Brushes and The full resolution image of the painting!

Thanks so much for all your feedback on the first one, it has really helped influence the new one. Please keep the comments coming, they really help!

The download is only $10 and a DVD is also available for $15 .

Contemplation in Green

Craig Elliott

Here is my second piece for the Moleskine IV show in San Francisco. This piece is in oils on a 8.5 x 10 inch open Moleskine sketchbook primed with Liquitex clear acrylic gesso. Painted with Michael Harding oils.

Moleskine 2.jpg

Craig Elliott

One of my pieces for the Moleskine Project IV show in a few weeks.

This one started as a sketch in watercolor and colored pencil before I had thought about what to do for this show. Strangely, the sketch was exactly the same size as the Moleskines were are supposed to use for the show, so it worked out great.

Painted in oil over Liqutex clear acrylic gesso, in the pages of a 5 x 8 inch Moleskine sketchbook. (heavy paper type)

LA Art Show 2015

Craig Elliott

Here are some photos I took of great art at the LA Art Show this year. It was a good show, and Amay Adams was the host- I hadn't seen her in person in a long time. She sat down next to me at a table when I was working on designing Disney's "Enchanted". we had a chat and I found out she was playing the lead. Little did I know she was about to become mega famous!

There was a little less representational art this year, after seeing it grow each year, it was strange to see a slip. But it wasn't a huge slip. maybe just a wobble!

Dr. Who Guitar made from scratch!

Craig Elliott

A Dr. Who TARDIS guitar I made for my Uncle's Christmas present this year! He's a big fan, and has practically every guitar made already, so I had no choice but to make one that he could not buy!

The body is solid basswood with basswood strip details, and the neck is maple. The headstock is also an upside down silhouette of a TARDIS if you look closely...

Now he need to learn the theme tune on this!

I took video of the process, and I'll post that when I have edited it together.

CTN 2014 Commission!

Craig Elliott

A commission from CTN this year!
A collector who works at Apple asked me to draw a girl with an iPod classic. I wanted to get the feeling she was really rocking to the music, and perhaps oblivious to the fact that all she has on is the garter belt... Plus, I needed a place to put the iPod too!

This is on tan paper, 8.5 x 11 inches in colored pencils.

CTN 2014!!

Craig Elliott

CTN is HERE!!  top by my booth T16  (Insert Star Wars reference here)

see new work, products and posters!  

I will be presenting a workshop on Portfolio design for Visual Development in the Executive Boardroom at 3pm-ish on Friday also.  

Jak and Daxter 4 city and pipes

Craig Elliott

Some art for Jak and Daxter 4 , a never produced game for Naughtydog Studios. No 3D work here, all perspective by hand, then painted in photoshop. I was trying to get a feel for a consistent style of modern buildings almost shaped like adobe houses, with the pipes echoing the wood beams that jut out of adobe homes. The water and pipes were to create obstacles that the player would have to navigate by air speeder.

Art by Craig Elliott - Jak and Daxter 4 cityscape concept art
Art by Craig Elliott - Jak and Daxter 4 cityscape concept art

Some art from Jak and Daxter 4- never completed video game project...

Craig Elliott

Jak and Daxter 4 - An ominous tower city alone in a barren world...

Some pieces from the never produced Jak and Daxter 4 video game from Naughtydog studios. I can't remember the original mandate here,. except for the fast that the city was self contained and had "lots of pipes, everywhere" I recalled a puzzle from when I was a kid called "verticalville" drawn by Bob Martin. It was a cartoon city with each building atop the last and railways airports pools, and all you could need packed into one place. this is sort of a gloomy version of that suppose.

Jak and Daxter 4 city

Some amazing art from the Met in NY City!

Craig Elliott

Leighton, Ingres, and Remington at the Met in NY City! 

I have never seen this Leighton- there was a special Pre-Raphaelite exhibit this was part of. (it might still be up, I['m not sure) 

Ingres has a great personal style in his portraits, giving the body and face a very recognizable look. Degas was a big fan of Ingres and collected his work. Both went to the same school and believed in strong draughtsmanship- the connection between the two is very clear when you look at each of their drawings..

I love the spots of color in the shadows on that cowboy- mixing colors in blobs in stead of doing it on the palette. such a great example of this!

APE 2014 Demos and more!

Craig Elliott

Here's a great video put together by Flesk Publications of one of my painting demos from Last year!  I'll be there Saturday and Sunday again this year and will be Painting demo portratis in oil again.  Stop by and say hi! 

D&D Player's Handbook - Monk painting!

Craig Elliott

D&D Player's Handbook- 5th edition art! 

-My painting of a Monk concentrating on some spell casting...

Thanks Jon Schindehette for the commission and Kate Irwin for her Art Direction. 

It was so fun to realize these images for D&D. I would spend hours waiting outside the hobby shop reading D&D books..., well, mostly staring at the art!  Now I get to be one of the artists. A real privilege.  Thanks also to my cousin Steve for buying me a D&D set for Christmas when I was about 7 years old!  ;)