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Drawing from the visual worlds of science and nature, the human figure, the grand tradition of American illustration, Japanese scroll paintings and woodblock prints, fantasy illustration, and great artists of Europe, Elliott’s work strikes the viewer at first with a powerful tableau and draws them in to experience the subtlety and beauty within. Beyond the pictorial impact of his work, themes personal to him such as body image, environmental preservation, and social and psychological repression weave themselves throughout his work.


Ellie Frazetta Passes Away...

Craig Elliott

I had just finished assembling my booth at Comicon this year and went to dinner with my friend Christian Alzmann from ILM, and he told me Ellie Frazetta passed away just a few days ago.  I am so sorry for the Frazettas.  Ellie was such a lively and kind woman, and so energetic, taking care of Frank and loving her family so much,  especially her Grandchildren.  Once, I remember her gradchildren burst into the museum and Ellie said with great emotion that "The world is for children"  

When I came to visit the Frank and see the museum a few years ago, she took time out of her life to spend a whole day with me in the museum and her home and even gave me dinner! She was also so attentive to Frank's needs and medical issues the whole time.  I'm sure Frank would not have recovered so well without her. 

In the end she made as much of an impact on me as Frank did. She will be missed by all to be sure.  

Best wishes to the Frazetta family.


-Craig Elliott