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Drawing from the visual worlds of science and nature, the human figure, the grand tradition of American illustration, Japanese scroll paintings and woodblock prints, fantasy illustration, and great artists of Europe, Elliott’s work strikes the viewer at first with a powerful tableau and draws them in to experience the subtlety and beauty within. Beyond the pictorial impact of his work, themes personal to him such as body image, environmental preservation, and social and psychological repression weave themselves throughout his work.


Warcraft painting- Blood Queen

Craig Elliott

I have been doing a series of paintings for Blizzard's World of Warcraft trading card game. A new set called "Icecrown Citadel" has just been released so I can show the images of the cards!   The first painting is of "Blood Queen Lana-thel"  She is a giant vampire queen in the game-  they also have used my painting as the main image for her on the online wiki- lucky me!'thel

Prints of the painting will also be available at Comicon this year! 

Blood Queen Lana'thel


Below are the sketches for possible compositions (left image).  After Blizzard chose a sketch, more detailed sketches of the chosen figure for the painting were done.  I try to work out the anatomy and face of the figure in enough detail before hand so I am not slowed down with trying to work out the details when I am painting.