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Drawing from the visual worlds of science and nature, the human figure, the grand tradition of American illustration, Japanese scroll paintings and woodblock prints, fantasy illustration, and great artists of Europe, Elliott’s work strikes the viewer at first with a powerful tableau and draws them in to experience the subtlety and beauty within. Beyond the pictorial impact of his work, themes personal to him such as body image, environmental preservation, and social and psychological repression weave themselves throughout his work.


Live Painting Interview at Comic-con San Diego 2013 from Ideate TV!

Craig Elliott

Here I am just starting the painting of Erin I previously posted so you can see what the early stage of an oil painting looks like. 

I start by blocking in some tone to work off of, and the main shapes and colors of the facial skin tones. I then work on my shadows into that tone, and build them up until I feel they are right and then put the highlights in. I go back after that and add more dark accents and final details. 

I work very generally to specifically not being afraid to make mistakes because I can fix them as I work. 

Enjoy the interview!